The new video for Norwegian’s indie-dance dudes Datarock is a performance video in front of a really sparse crowd. Looks like they could have done with a few more extras on the days. it doesn’t detract from the song itself though. As funky as they have ever been, the track is coming out next month and is sure to grab the (R)eye of the diehard Datarock fans. The single will come as a designer toy with a USB stick that features 110 tracks, 1500 photos taken at their shows in 33 countries, 20 music videos, and Never Say Die, a brand new hour-long concert film. The single will also be released as a digital 5 track EP. The USB features the EP, the new album Music For Synchronization, both of their previous albums with bonus tracks, the new Lost and Found b-sides and rarities compilation, 15 new instrumentals, and the 40 track remix album Mixed Up. The toy was created by Brian Flynn at Hybrid Design and San Francisco based pioneer company SUPER7.