This is so heavy it could probably make your ears bleed. This is a warning. Northern Ireland’s And So I Watch You From Afar have been gaining new fans every day with their seemingly endless touring schedule. And somehow along the way they made time to record a second album. Gangs will be coming out on the esteemed Richter Collective on May 2. Chances are it will leave you a quivering wreck on the floor. The group’s debut album is truly astounding and unlike other instrumental music which can leave you feeling cold and empty on the inside, like you are missing something (vocals, presumably), you never get that with ASIWYFA. The self-titled debut keeps rewarding with every listen and ‘Search:Party:Animal’ is no different. It begins ten times harder than anything they have done before and it dabbles in metal sensibilites. It is at the 0.47 second mark that things get familiar. That plummeting effect is one of their trademarks now. And then we are taken on a headbanger’s journey for a minute. And well, I’ll leave the rest as a surprise. Ireland’s alternative scene has always been into instrumental music and don’t be surprised if ASIWYFA are standing on top of the pile come May.

You can download ‘Search:Party:Animal’ below via Soundcloud. It will be released as a 7” Vinyl on April 4 2011. And if you fancy remixing the track (at a staggering 142 BPM) feel free to do so here. And you get to design a sleeve.

And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Search:Party:Animal’