This is where so much began for the 21st century. Queens Of The Stone Age rose from the ashes of beloved stoner-rock band Kyuss and was built around Josh Homme (singer and guitarist) and Nick Oliveri (bassist and vocalist). Before their friendship soured – both offer different reasons as to why – they were two of the hardest rocking guys in the music scene. But Nick was not involved in the recording of the self-titled debut album. He joined shortly afterwards. More info on the album here.

This was one of the albums you come across after discovering their later stuff first. Of course you know ‘No One Knows’. Of course you know that Dave Grohl hurried the group’s ascension along by appearing on the album Songs For The Deaf. Of course you might think that is the only album you need to hear by QOTSA. But oh, how mistaken you are. The follow-up LP to the debut album was Rated R, a thundering album that took the debut album and (*cliche alert*) turned it up to 11.

Queens Of The Stone Age are one of the best bands of this century. And it all began at the tail-end of the last with Queens Of The Stone Age. If you haven’t listened to it, then I envy you. Opening track ‘Regular John’ will sound familiar to anyone who has seen the band live. It can never sound better than it does live, but you can just hear its influence in so many bands that followed in their wake. Domino put the album up on Soundcloud in all its remastered glory, so what are you waiting for, listen to how rock all began again.

QOTSA by DominoRecordCo