The National

Oh The National, we could never stay mad at you, could we? Fresh from being announced for the festival every hipster hates, they release one of the greatest fanboy videos in recent memory. Now firstly, how could you Matt? How could you play Oxegen over Electric Picnic? Don’t you know that us National fans hate Oxegen? Oh sure, it has won festival of the year numerous times, always has a lineup that makes Europe jealous and is almost three times as big as the latter, but didn’t you get the memo? You aren’t allowed let your fans down. Yes, I know you came through snow for your fans last year to play Dublin, but come on, playing Oxegen? That’s far worse than anything you could do. I mean, just look at how many tears you have caused us cool music fans On The Record. Even Blink 182 saw sense and pulled out.

But the video is a dream for all the cool people out there. It’s got Roger from Mad Men in it (everyone going to Electric Picnic has to enjoy Mad Men and The Wire or is not let in). It has Kristen Schall playing the president of the United States. Of America! All the people going to Electric Picnic thought she was great in Flight Of The Conchords. You think the people going to watch you at Oxegen even know what those shows are!? Yeah, actuall, they probably would. What was the point of this post again?

Oh yeah, the video.

‘Conversation 16’ is the best song on the new York band’s fifth album, High Violet. No arguments. The best part of this video, bar the breaking down of barriers in letting a female president take the reins, is undoubtedly the Turkey-baiting. Oh Kristen, you are funny. Sure the rest of the video may contain people getting show, members of The National being security guards and bears (someone must’ve had their period – Anchorman joke) but Kristen Schall can do no wrong. And doesn’t. What would make ‘Conversation 16’ an even better video? Well, could they not get Jon Hamm?

The National play Oxegen in July. It will probably be great. Just don’t listen to any Irish music fans about it…