You did get the memo telling you Fred are the best band in Ireland, right? Their last album, Go God Go, was one of my favourite albums of 2008 (yes, I liked music before the blog started), and opening track ‘Skyscrapers’ soundtracked that summer. That it coincided that was an awesome summer does perhaps have some impact on my declaration of Fred being the best band in Ireland. Oh, and they are from Cork.

So duh, they are obviously the best band in Ireland. Sorry Sharon Shannon/Rubberbandits.

The band will get a chance to back up my outlandish claim on April 15 when they release fourth album, Leaving My Empire. You might have already heard ‘Trial by Fire’ from the band. It continued the epic, building landscapes they created on the likes of ‘The Lights’ and ‘Fear’. ‘If Not Now When’ also builds on previous tracks you may have heard from Fred. They certainly knew that ‘doing an MGMT’, as it is now known, was not on the cards for Joe and the rest. This will make you as happy as you have even been. If you are having a bad day, then that is where Fred come in. With their infectious hooks, smart lyrics and general happiness with life, there is just so much to enjoy here. It’s a word-heavy four-and-a-half-minutes that explodes from the speakers straight away. With its choir-like chorus, ‘If Not Now When’ will probably dominate the summer of 2011 for me too. And if 2008 was anything to go by, it’s going to be a good one.

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Leaving My Empire tracklisting:
1. ‘If Not Now When’
2. ‘The Life behind’
3. ‘Somewhere Else’
4. ‘Eleven’
5. ‘Stereoscope’
6. ‘As You See’
7. ‘Villains’
8. ‘Fears And Remedies’
9. ‘Trial By Fire’
10. ‘Everything’
11. ‘We Are the City Now’