Please tell me you’ve heard of Milan Jay. Please say ‘We Believe’ has been on constant rotation on your iPod since it got released last November. Please say you said to friends in the intervening months, ‘You’ve got to listen to this’. And please tell me you have been anxiously awaiting Milan’s next release? You don’t have to have been sitting next to your computer for three months constantly refreshing his Bandcamp page but just wondering, ‘Oh I wonder is there another song to listen to yet’, will do.

And now rejoice, because Milan Jay has made his newest track, ‘Time To Leave Computers Behind’ available as a free download. But if you expecting it to continue in the same vein as anything off the To The Sea And Swim EP you will be sorely disappointed. Whereas the four tracks comprising said EP were full of repetitive, swirling beats of electronica, ‘Time To Leave Computers Behind’ leaves, well, the computer beats behind too. It also puts the voice at the front and centre of the track for the first time. And it is all guitar-driven too, leading to a wonderful crescendo before the two minute mark, at which time, you may hear a few computer bits kick in. Milan Jay has changed sound with pretty much every song they have unleashed on the internet, and ‘Time To Leave Computers Behind’ continues this. Can’t imagine many people will actually take his pleas to turn off the computer seriously though. I mean, how will I hear the song otherwise? Well Milan? How?

Get the track as a free download from Bandcamp now. It is the lead single from the next EP To the Night and Sky, which will be released in the coming months with a tour to coincide with the release. Milan Jar are in Whelan’s, Dublin, on Saturday, March 19 with special guests, At Last an Atlas. Doors are at 8pm and tickets cost €5.