Conor O’Brien just keeps finding ways to draw us all back into his world. Just when you think the Villagers machine might be slowing down after two straight years of grafting, he hits us with a Daytrotter session and covers a Leonard Cohen song. If you haven’t heard of Daytrotter, the simplest explanation is that it is like an updated Peel Sessions, with its analog and organic recording procedures. If you turn this session up loud, close your eyes and dream, it’s like Conor is sitting beside you, strumming his acoustic and delving into your soul, drawing up feelings that you didn’t know existed. Leonard Cohen seems like an obvious inspiration for Conor and he covers ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’. That it fits so seamlessly into what follows is testament to the talent of the tiny Dubliner. He opened his recent Irish tour dates with an acoustic version of ‘That Day’ and it seems even more spinetingling on Daytrotter than it did when he was just five feet away in a Limerick church. Conor also does solo versions of ‘Set The Tigers Free’ and the piano-driven ‘I Saw The Dead’. Needless to say, you need to hear these songs. Do it now over at Daytrotter, where you can download all the songs for free. FREE!

And we all heard Conor covering Take That last week too, yeah?

And Neil Young?

And Roy Orbison?