They were either going to embrace guitars more or go completely dancefloor crazy. And Friendly Fires have chosen the latter. Which is no terrible thing. If you aren’t well versed in Ed MacFarlane’s dance moves yet, then let’s take a look at what you are missing. The band’s self-titled debut album came out in 2008 and proved to be the sleeper hit of the year. Whenever there was a doubt in my mind as to what I wanted to listen to, my thumb instinctively moved the iPod roller to ‘F’. The likes of ‘Paris‘, ‘Jump In The Pool‘ and ‘Lovesick‘ were some of the catchiest songs released that year and when you get to see Ed accompanying the tunes with the swagger of a man possessed by the ghost of Ricky Martin’s la vida loca, Friendly Fires really moved up another level. One-off single ‘Kiss Of Life‘ pointed to an even more keyboard-friendly sound and then the band went off to record a second album.

Pala will be out in May, produced by Friendly Fires and the man behind Adele’s new critic-slaying sound, Paul Epworth. ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ was debuted by, who else, Zane Lowe, the most enthusiastic music man in the world – he even genuinely likes 30 Seconds To Mars and My Chemical Romance! But anyway, ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ is, obviously enough, yearning for the days of youth when you lost yourself on the dancefloor and trying to get the girl you wanted. It sounds perfect for Ibiza Rocks and is sure to sound immense when the band play Oxegen in the summer too. And on the 2.33 minute mark, the breakdown is sure to spark either some riots or some really terrible dance moves.

1. ‘Live Those Days Tonight’
2. ‘Blue Cassette’
3. ‘Running Away’
4. ‘Hawaiian Air’
5. ‘Hurting’
6. ‘Pala’
7. ‘Show Me Lights’
8. ‘True Love’
9. ‘Pull Me back to Earth’
10. ‘Chimes’
11. ‘Helpless’