Eclectic seems to be the buzzword that Irish bands are aiming for nowadays. Maybe it comes back to the idea that attention spans on the internet are so short that bands are stretching their genre knowledge and on three-minute songs can jump through a multitude of sounds (to add conviction behind lessening attention spans, I actually jumped tabs while writing that last sentence – sorry). You might have already heard Padraig McCauley and the P Affection, whose album has ratcheted up the platitudes through having ten completely different songs. Jerome’s Law don’t jump around as much as Padraig. Their debut EP has just been put up on Bandcamp and it really does paint a wonderful picture of Irish music.

Shane O’Neill said: “Myself and two of the lads learned guitar together back when we were in school so we’ve been jamming together a long time but it’s only really within the last two years or so after we had to find a new drummer that things have gotten a bit more organised and serious. The EP is our first ever release so it sort of feels like this is just the start now even though it’s been a while in the making. Same story for our album really.”

What they have come up with is the four-track EP, Knives At Concrete, that stands up to any rock bands you can think of. And just when you think they fall logically into the rock genre they jump right out of it and head into funk-pop with the wonderful third track, ‘Safe’. “Tell me I’m good, please tell me I do things right, so I can sleep at night,” they sing. Luckily, they are doing something right and the EP has loads to discover on repeat listens. Adam Fleming, Ronan Parker, Mark Sheridan and Jerome Williams make up the rest of Jerome’s Law and you’ll be hearing more of them over the next few months. The launch gig for the EP is in Crawdaddy, Dublin, on Friday, June 10. Jerome’s Law are currently in the latter stages of recording a full-length debut album too. So Jerome’s Law then, not a band that will have you uselessly throwing knives at concrete then. Sorry…