Say what you like about Irish radio (it’s rubbish, it all sounds the same, there’s no original DJs to be seen, where are the new DJs coming through to take over, how is Tony Fenton still allowed near the airwaves when he probably owns about five albums, why is the point of 2fm, what does 4fm do etc) but Paul McLoone and Dan Hegarty are probably the only two DJs about whom I don’t have many bad things to say. From 7pm on Today FM and from 10pm on 2fm, Paul and Dan actually play music I enjoy listening to and would happily go out and listen to it again (because it isn’t the bloody Script, again). I’ve been spending more time in the car recently, commuting, and for an hour in the afternoon I have to put up with terrible, repetitive songs and inane ‘chat’ with Tony Fenton. On the return drive though, I get Dan Hegarty. Just look at the tracklisting for last night’s show to see why I am more than happy to do the return trip again and again. In among all those wonderful tunes, with a minimum of chat because he doesn’t need to bore the listener, TONY!!!, was a session from the wonderful Casanova Wave, who featured on The Point Of Everything back in October. Despite not playing any new songs, Brian McCarton displayed his wonderful musicianship, just in case anyone had forgotten. You have to go over to the 2fm page and use their terrible player to listen to the tracks, but it will be worth your time. They really ought to switch to Soundcloud. I’ll add that to my list of complaints about Irish radio stations’ online problems. If you don’t want to click the link, listen to that debut EP below.