Ah Death Cab For Cutie, it’s nice to have you back. Ben Gibbard and co have been out of action since 2008’s Narrow Stairs. The first introduction was the eight-minute-plus ‘I Will Possess Your Heart‘, a song that takes me back to a simpler time, when banks hadn’t collapsed and the big, bad world was still but a far away horror. The song was classic DCFC all over, except it went on a bit longer. ‘You Are A Tourist’, our first look at the forthcoming Codes And Keys, initially reminds me of ‘Long Division‘, off the previous album. It’s heavy on the guitar and soppy lyrics, but then, what Death Cab song isn’t? They have been doing this for years and it hasn’t hurt them yet. Basically, Ben is telling you to follow that “burning in your heart” and don’t be alone for life cos, y’know, love is good or whatever. Hardly groundbreaking stuff but it is pretty great to have them better. they do mush better than anyone!

Death Cab For Cutie – ‘You Are A Tourist’