If ever there was a song to put a smile on your face then it is Bibio’s ‘K Is For Kelson’. Everything about it is meant to cheer even the saddest soul up a little. And it arrives just as summer is set to bring a deluge of rain on Ireland. I presume. As I listen and type (multi-tasking) however, the rain outside has actually stopped. Bibio brings about pathetic fallacy, simple as. The video offers a sing-a-long function and a primary colour look at what the song offers. It sounds like he has actually brought the kitchen sink to the recording studio, but as you will see when you watch the video, he only brought the bottles for recycling.

Bibio is British producer Stephen Wilkinson. The album from which ‘K Is For Kelson’ is taken is Mind Bokeh, just released on Warp. It’s his sixth album. Did somebody say overnight success? Stream the whole album here.