Listening to the radio can sometimes pay off, such as when I tuned in to Donal Dineen’s The Small Hours on Today FM last Thursday night. He had I Am The Cosmos on chatting about their new recordings and playing some songs the band’s approve of, as well as a few IATC tracks too. If there was a playback function, I would direct you there, but even the playlist section for the show is not updated so there is literally no point. But I Am The Cosmos, recently upgraded to a two-piece seem to have gone for the dance jugular. If you think ‘Dislocate’ is good, then you can imagine what else is in store. Richie from Jape has been helping them out in the recording so you know it has the quality seal of approval. Expect to hear more from the band as they approach album number two in the coming months.

I Am The Cosmos – ‘Dislocate’