Hired Hands hail from Dublin and release their debut album tomorrow. It’s called My Heart Hung and it’s out on Any Other City records, which has a pretty good hit rate. And their quality control is rather excellent too (James runs the label and is in Villagers. Their first EP came out on Any Other City). Hired Hands first came to my attention when I put together A Crash Course in Whelan’s Ones to Watch in January. Their Breaking Tunes profile had three songs which just sounded lush, dreamy and everything you need to take you away to another world. And then I didn’t really think about them again. Then Nay over at Harmless Noise said the band was releasing their album. And then this morning the video for ‘The Quay Wall’ went up on Youtube. The video has everything you could possible want: a look at the band, a picture of a horse (outside) from behind, hangliders and pictures of the Irish countryside in all its glory.What more could you want? You can download the track via Soundcloud below.

Hired Hands – ‘The Quay Wall’

Hired Hands’ debut album My heart Hung is out tomorrow on Any Other City. They play Dublin’s Workman’s Club on Saturday.