Kill Krinkle Club are a band I have heard of and been aware of for ages but never really listened to. Then they made a video for ‘Handwritten Novel’. And shot a video for the track in Venice. And I love Venice. It was probably the greatest holiday and time I have ever had. I also got sunburnt though. But anyway, you don’t want to hear about a two-year-old holiday, do you? Please say you do – I love talking about it. ‘Handwritten Novel’ is such a beautiful song in the first place that the two-piece Elina Bergman and Justin Commins probably had to be careful as to what visuals they wanted to accompany the moving four-minutes.

The director of the shoot, Greg Corcoran, said: “The video was shot over three early mornings and very late nights in sub-zero Venice at the turn of the year. Venice provided the most beautiful backdrop imaginable. We wanted it to look stark and practically deserted and hopefully we achieved that. It was a real joy to shoot there, a mad adventure from start to finish.
“The track itself, ‘Handwritten Novel’ is quite cinematic in its own right. It lends itself to a flowing, mysterious and dramatic video. So that’s what we set out to achieve. A video that hopefully will provoke thought and one that people will want to watch again having just seen it. Hopefully it’s intriguing and challenging.”

So there you go. Stunning, in short.