The wonderful Windings release their first post-It’s Never Night track next Friday, April 29. ‘Embury Greenway’ is a four minute slab of pure, unadulterated positivity. It’s also the first track the band has done that features all five of the members and above is the wonderful video featuring Steve and the other four heads of Windings. It’s full of megalolz (I didn’t actually say that, did I? I apologise) and makes it really easy to sing-a-long to. And it does sound like a song you just want to hear when the sun is shining. The single is released digitally on Out On A Limb, responsible for Owensie’s debut album earlier this year.

Windings – ‘Embury Greenway’

On the same day, next Friday, OOAL release Vertigo Smyth’s collaborative single with Carol Anne McGowan, ‘Fox Eyes On Georgia’. If you have had the pleasure of seeing Vertigo Smyth live, you will know he carries you to a happier place where bailouts and bankers’ bonuses don’t exist. He has a full album coming out with Carol Anne, on OOAL, later this year, which will certainly be one to look out for. Stream the track below, and then buy it digitally next Friday.

Vertigo Smyth & Carol Anne McGowan – ‘Fox Eyes On Georgia’

WIndings, Vertigo Smyth, Carol Anne and Owensie are playing all around Ireland in the coming weeks and months. All the tour dates are over at Out On A Limb.