My last two posts featured Arctic Monkeys and Death Cab For Cutie and were hardly the most complimentary – I apologise for nothing. But now, a band who are utterly captivating and sound so… now, so… fresh and exciting. They already featured on The Point Of Everything back in December and have a new four-track EP out that is just so, er, good. And what a title: Here Comes 2001 So Let’s All Head For …. *Puts on music journalism hat* Think Animal Collective with guitars; Think Panda Bear with a tune; Think really good electronica music that makes you feel all happy inside. *Takes off music journalism hat* Fixers will have you reaching for the repeat button long after your first listen of the EP. ‘Crystals’ has its own video. And it has big, spinning bananas. It is worth it for that alone. Everything about Fixers thus far is enough for them to claim the title of favourite new band. Don’t put it past them owning 2011. Listen to their EP via we7.