Last night, The Gorgeous Colours took to the stage at The Workman’s Club in Dublin where they launched their new single, ‘It’s OK To Be Normal’. I wasn’t there (because contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Ireland lives in Dublin. But they still enjoy music) but I have been listening to the song quite a lot. It could be an ode to all the people who feel like they have missed out on something in life. Or, judging by the artwork, it is for all the hairy people out there who look like monkeys. They are not normal. But apparently, that’s okay. The Gorgeous Colours have been around for what seems like forever – I remember seeing an earlier incarnation supporting The Immediate in Cork back in 2007 – but it seems like they are moving on up now. If you haven’t heard last year’s Creatures Down Below EP, then do so now. 2011: it just might be the year of The Gorgeous Colours.