Ever since I started this blog, I have been waiting for Bon Iver to release a new album. His debut, For Emma, Forever Ago is, I am sure I don’t need to tell you, one of the most acclaimed records in the past decade. And it was recorded in the woods or something, but I didn’t read much about that (nb This is a joke. Of Course I read about this. I think everyone, their mother, their father and Osama bin Laden read about that. And Osama bin Laden lived in a cave/mansion). It begs the question: can he do it all again in the relative comfort of a recording studio. I haven’t heard the self-titled second effort yet, but ‘Calgary’ sounds like a natural progression to some of the songs on the latter half of the debut, particularly the title track. Of course, everyone will have their own opinion on it. And if you are like me, just listening to Justin Vernon’s voice will take you to a happier place.

For all us Irish folk, Bon Iver plays Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre on Thursday, October 20. I have seen him once before, and it has stuck with me. When he brings his eight-piece band, including the wonderful S Carey, to Dublin, I can only imagine how magnificent everything will be. Tickets for the gig go on sale for €34 (plus Ticketmaster fees) this Friday. The album, is out June 17. Welcome back Bon Iver, you have been missed.