Wild Beasts are busy cementing themselves as everyone’s favourite band in 2011. Their new album, Smother, has been gaining critical acclaim from all quarters and the fans are also lapping it up. And deservedly so – it is glorious, a triumph of artistic talent. Wild Beasts brought ‘Bed of Nails’ to Later With… Jools Holland last night and showed off their keyboardist (A WOMAN!!!). And obviously they left onlookers open-mouthed in amazement. The song just sounds stunning.

The rise and rise of Wild Beasts is in distinctly marked contrast to The Strokes, whose fourth album was released to a wall of meh back in March. And unlike Wild Beasts, it gets worse with every listen. And the band hate each other. And the songs are really poor. Yet they march on, bringing ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’ and ‘Taken For A Fool’ to Jools’s stage. As the band themselves once sang, ‘What Ever Happened?’