The first draft of every blog post looks like this

After literally months of telling myself I should start a blog and putting it off for literally no reason I started a blog in January 2010. And after a few months of indifference I got my act together last summer and The Point Of Everything began to change into something I was not actually ashamed about. And so, a couple of hundred posts later, here it is, a music site that is full of some of my favourite stuff of the past 18 months. The blog coincided with the best year in Irish music TM. Prior to beginning the blog, I was aware of a handful of Irish acts, but through the blog and Twitter, I have heard many wonderful new bands, listened to so many great songs and talked to lots of hugely talented people, bloggers, journalists and bands. Sadly, about ten days ago, a blog that started out around the same time as me hung up its keyboard. Harmless Noise, as you can tell from these comments on the final post, was much loved by bands and fans alike. And Nay was on the way to becoming queen of the Irish blogosphere – Nialler9 is king, obviously. People have already written lots about how great Harmless Noise was: Quarter Inch Collective , Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed, Nialler9 and State, to mention a handful. Harmless Noise was one of about five music sites I went to every single day, usually within minutes of turning on my laptop. It exposed me to more Irish music than I could have ever imagined. It will be sorely missed from the blogging scene, but who knows, maybe it might continue in some shape or form if Nay feels up to it.

The writing has been on the wall for blogging for ages, depending on who you listen to (Stephen Price in The Irish Sunday Times thinks everything new and modern is dead and will never take over from paper and the wireless). At the start of the year I had a few idealised views of what I wanted to do with TPOE, but my (very, very) limited resources soon put paid to that – coupled with the fact I get distracted rather easily. But blogging is far from over. Nialler9 (how many more times can I mention him in this post? Can you tell how influential he is yet?) was voted the fourth best in the world, by music bloggers all over the world. And deservedly so. Everything is short and to the point, and Niall’s choice of music means he could probably have featured this on his blog and people would be saying it was the greatest thing ever.

Obviously, my influence is far lesser than Harmless Noise and Nialler9, but still, I like to think people have clicked and listened to some things they might otherwise have not, or laughed at something I thought at the time was the greatest thing ever written. And if they went out and bought an album or a song based on what they might have seen here, even better. I don’t kid myself into thinking this website could be the greatest music source in the world – I mean, do you know how big the internet is? It’s pretty big – but I enjoy doing it and if nothing else, it allows me to go back to July last year and realise this was one of my favourite tracks of the year. I have invested lots of time in the blog, and in the past few months the amount of blog posts has been slowing down. But hopefully, 1,000 blog posts is just another 18 months or so away.

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog so far. It also allowed me to be a part of the Digital Socket Awards, which celebrated the very best in Irish music. Sadly, I couldn’t go to the awards show (I heard the presenter was brilliant). So if nothing else, I will keep blogging until I get to the awards next year. Did I mention this was my 500th post? This was the first song I ever posted about. And I promise, The Point Of Everything will get better…