You have probably already made up your mind about Kanye West’s Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy, which came out at the tail end of last year. It either falls into the bloated and overrated category or the pinnacle of pop culture. ‘Monster’ was one of the first tracks we got to hear from the album and my thoughts from the first time I heard it have not really changed in the past eight months or so: Jay-Z’s ‘rap’ is one of the worst minutes of music all year. And when it’s juxtaposed with Nicki Minaj’s 75 seconds of genius it just doesn’t stand up. Because Nicki Minaj’s cameo on ‘Monster’ was the best part of 2010. And while the video for ‘Monster’ is nothing spectacular, Nicki still manages to steal the show. Twice! It’s not misogynistic, apparently, because there is a disclaimer at the start of the video. So it’s okay. Apparently. Did I mention Kanye West is in the video? After watching the five minutes of ‘Monster’, the only thing you will be able to remember is Nicki Minaj.