Everybody agrees 2010 was a vintage year for Irish music. It’s unanimous. But 2011 is halfway through and so far there has only been a couple of bands who have made much of an impact on me so far: Retarded Cop, Hired Hands and Yeh Deadlies!, while I know Cashier No 9 and Moths have been wowing other bloggers (I haven’t heard much to be honest). So Ghost Estates could well come into the scene in the latter half of the year and win a lot of new fans. Hailing from Dublin, the five-piece Ghost Estates were formed from the remnants of SICKBOY & 8BALL. They are little over a year old, but have a full-length album on the way, mixed by Marc Carolan. The first song to be taken from the album is ‘Paris’, a song that grows and evolves over five and a half minutes and takes in the bleak and depressing (wouldn’t expect anything else from a band called Ghost Estates) before adding some Bruce Springsteen sax and morphing into a euphoric sound that is bound to win fans over on the live stage. You can download the track for free below, via Soundcloud. The only other piece of music we have from Ghost Estates thus far is ‘October’, a demo. Which is pretty good in its own right. Anybody remember Delphic? No? Probably for the best – Ghost Estates’ demo is better than that album. Listen to both below. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we hear from Ghost Estates

Ghost Estates – ‘Paris’

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