As great as Irish instrumental music is nowadays, it’s refreshing to hear a band who aren’t looking to get their vocals out. Or make a good video. The video for the Dublin quartet’s (three-quarters of whom sport beards, by my count) ‘You Do’ seems ripe for dream analysis. There’s people sitting on doors, playing bass blindfolded, playing drums on top of a drawer of cabinets and falling onto tables. The music isn’t bad either. ‘You Do’ is built around a guitar riff that recalls Reuben (anybody? No? Reuben were absolutely amazing) and lyrics of forlorn love: “I could never forget you.” Zombie Cops have been around for a couple of years – or so I’m told – and there’s a few songs available for free over at Bandcamp. That chorus will be stuck in your head for a few days. ‘You Do’ was directed by Eoin Heaney and Nora Windeck of Highly Stimulating Productions and is officially out next Friday, June 17.