A year after the first compilation of Irish acts, Popical Island is back. The first album introduced people to the likes of Groom, Yeh Deadlies, Land Lovers, Feed The Bears and many more. Above all, we were introduced to Squarehead whose song went on to top Nialler9 readers’ tracks of 2010, deservedly so. Squarehead are back for this compilation, bringing along new track ‘Candle’, which has a nice summery feel to it. Tieranniesaur are also back, this time with mini-epic ‘Here Be Monsters’. The first time I heard it I didn’t quite get it. But after being stuck in my head for three days afterwards, I went back to it and it made so much sense. A lot of the songs and bands here might elicit similar feelings for you. There’s bands who polarise opinions (Grand Pocket Orchestra), bands you might not get (Retarded Cop) but also bands with great songs that will grab you from the opening second (She Dreams In Spectrals).

You can stream the album below, via Bandcamp. It can be bought on said site for a mere €5, with a physical edition costing €10, but that comes with plenty of goodies. And it’s all Irish!