Archive: July 2011

We Cut Corners hail from Dublin and have been around for ages, or so it seems. They played a number of dates around Ireland back in May with Windings and The Ambience Affair, the latter of whom is set to release an album over the coming months. We Cut Corners’ debut album is set to […]

There has been a lot of buzz around Yuck this year, mainly for reasons I can’t quite understand. They sound so much like early 90s bands that they offer nothing more than a nostalgia trip. At least with The Horrors, who were tarred with sounding like every band ever, there was some innovation. Male Bonding […]

It’s not an official video, as you will soon discover if your press play, but a nice little bit of info about Laura Marling’s new album, A Creature I Don’t Know, out in September. And the video contains one of the tracks of said album, ‘Sophia’, an instantly recognisable piece of Marling folk. But just […]

The divisive Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (let’s just call them CYHSY from here, yeah?) went on a few years hiatus after their second just-as-divisive-as-the-debut album, Some Loud Thunder, well, divided everybody. ‘Same Mistake’ was our first taster of their forthcoming album, Hysterical, and those vocals haven’t gone away – and the band have been […]

How much fun is it being in Bombay Bicycle Club? This much fun. Probably the best (and most popical) song BBC has done in their short career gets a video directed by Era Trieman. ‘Shuffle’ is taken from the album A Different Kind Of Fix, released in Ireland on August 26.

St Vincent is 28-year-old Annie Erin Clark. If you have been paying attention over the past few years, you will almost certainly have heard of Actor, her 2009 album which was received with fevered acclaim. And that acclaim grew and grew. It’s difficult to find a single bad word to say about an album that […]

Tracksuit Warrior is a horrible name for a band. But it might just appeal to thousands of Irish youngsters who, well, really like wearing tracksuits. (I was told that a few years ago, a lad took his (pregnant) girlfriend to the debs and he was wearing a Celtic jersey and trackie pants.) Anyway, luckily for […]

Girls return with their second full-length album in September, entitled Father, Son, Holy Ghost. ‘Vomit is the first track we’ve heard from said album. It’s a slow burner that for six-and-a-half minutes, plays around with the riff from Foo Fighters’ ‘The Pretender’. To my ears, at least. There are plenty of layers to peel away […]

Smoking is cool kids. That’s according to Tom Vek and his third video from second album Leisure Seizure. ‘Aroused’ is one of the albums standout moments. More on what I thought about the album over at The Point Of Album Reviews. Now, where can I get my hands on some cigarettes…

Warning: before pressing play on the video, turn down the sound or else it will hurt your ears. It’s weird that the mainstream has finally caught up with the likes of Jim Carroll of The Irish Times, who was telling us about how great Foster The People were last summer. I listened and have featured […]