Kowalski are a band from up North and have been restrained in what they have recorded and released in their career. They played support to a band from Britain who were playing in Cork in January 2007ish, if my memory serves me correctly. I was very sick at the time, missed the gig and my friends who were at it never stopped going on about Kowalski, which made me very jealous. Their five-track Are You Noisy Sunshine State Ep is still wonderful and rewarding four or so years on. And now we have some more music from Kowalski. The ‘Outdoors’ single is being released on Everybody’s Stalking in August. The track itself is, as the site itself calls it, very reminiscent of The Postal Service, which is no bad thing; a pop song, pure and simple. They do it very well.

Kowalski – ‘Outdoors’