Cork band Exit: Pursued By A Bear take their name from Shakespeare’s play The Winter’s Tale, which induced nightmares in my final year at college self. Anyway, the band has been around for years and years, took a break for a little bit and returned last year and released a self-titled album in 2010. They do atmospheric music and do it better than most – you didn’t expect a band named after a line in Shakespeare to sound like Viva Brother now, did you? The video for ‘Hug’, above’ was filmed by Shaun O’Connor at the Electric in Cork city, which is, apparently, the most happening place in the world. (I passed by it last week and was surprised at how hopping the place was.) But if they promise you a stripper hug, as happens in the video, then obviously they’ll do good business. The single, backed by ‘You Got Burned’, is out on Friday, July 15, a busy day for Irish music: We Are Losers’ debut single is out that day too, as is the new album by Patrick Kelleher And His Cold Dead Hands. All three bands are a startling example of how strong Irish music is at present. Exit: Pursued By A Bear play Kinsale Arts Week on Saturday, July 16, supporting The Undertones. Listen to the single below.

Hug by Exit: pursued by a bear