We Are Losers have been busy making friends in all the right places. The songs, only a handful of which are up on Soundcloud, are coated in fuzz but the pop sensibilities are there for everyone to hear. And their first physical single is set to be released on Friday week, via Leeds label Dance To The Radio, which is run by Whiskers of iForward Russia! (anyone remember them, no?) The label is also responsible for The Pigeon Detectives, but don’t let that put you off We Are Losers. Both tracks on the split 7″, ‘Sunset Song’ and ‘Cheerleader’, take you to that happy place, where gigs are free and you can drift away. The former track has so many oooos and oh-oh-ohs that you will be singing it away for the rest of the summer. ‘Cheerleader’, meanwhile is not new for a lot of the Losers fans – it’s up on the Soundcloud – but the sound quality has made everything shinier and happier. And can you tell that singer Gavin is a fan of Best Coast? The single is out on Dance To The Radio on July 15. Listen below to the single.