I have featured Fixers a couple of times before on the site and there sound has acquired some added pop nous, if the very difficult to pronounce ‘Swimmhaus Johannesburg’ is anything to go by. After a screeching guitar intro (is it the opening bars to ‘Black Betty’?), the track turns into a dancefloor-filler that builds and builds and builds until the 1.45 minute mark. The vocals sound a lot different to the likes of ‘Who Says Boys’, and just a little irritating, but the variety of hooks – there’a hundreds of hooks throughout the four-minute track – offers plenty to enjoy. The British band has so far announced no Irish shows as yet, but that might well change before the end of the year. Listen to their debut EP, Here Comes 2001 So Let’s All Head For…, below.

Fixers – ‘Swimmhaus Johannesburg’