Irish band Hoarsebox left us in 2009 and have returned two years later with the new moniker This Club. The band played Whelan’s Ones To Watch mini-festival at the start of this year and are now set to release their debut album in August. Their first single, and most people’s first taste of their sound is ‘I Won’t Worry’. From twee openings, the song moves into typical pop sensibilities. Having not heard Hoarsebox, it’s difficult to say whether the sound has developed since the name change. Although the band says: “We chose to change our title in order to suit the new direction the music has recently been taking. Since first going to Mississippi in 2009 to begin work on our debut album with producer Dennis Herring, we have experienced many changes, both in our personal lives and in terms of what was influencing the music.”

Listen to the feel-good, carefree ‘I Won’t Worry’ below. This Club’s debut album is out in August.

This Club – ‘I Won’t Worry’