Remember last week you saw the video for the song of the summer 2011 (probably)? Well this week, The Line Of Best Fit has given us a new track from Givers, those so-happy-it-hurts noiseniks from Lafayette. ‘Go Out All Night’ is about double the length of ‘Up Up Up’ and for most of those seven-and-a-half minutes, keeps the tempo slow and low. And then the five-piece turns it up, as you can see from the Soundcloud wave embed below.

Givers – ‘Go Out At Night’

The group talked to the Observer last weekend. A small excerpt from a disappointingly small article: “We are as happy as this music!” declares Taylor Guarisco, 24, their singer and guitarist. His conversation, rather like the quintet’s music, rambles messily. Unlike his music, it sometimes disintegrates altogether because he’s laughing so hard.
“We’re immensely happy people. We’re just regular people who were told growing up that we should get a degree and prepare for the worst.” Instead, they “imagined the best”.
“Everybody has their own coolest-scenario-possible in the back of their minds and the bottom of their hearts,” he persists. “The only thing we did is we faced it – we saw that making music was what we wanted to do and we focused on it as if it could be a reality.”