Towards the end of last year, Sea Things featured on The Point of Everything, after appearing on Altered Zones, with a “barrage of sounds and noises morphed into something otherworldly”. Things haven’t changed for Sea Things’ Jaws EP. Just like Sea Thangs, their debut album, it’s free, though you can download $5 to his cause. Sea Things is Floridian Michael Floering, who, throughout the five songs here – plus a 20-second intro, sampled from, er Jaws – plays around with everything you thought you knew about music. Final track ‘Sunless’ could soundtrack the worst summer of your life, though obviously, if it did, it would make you happy. ‘I’m Real’, the second track on here, clocks in at just over seven minutes, and is never anything short of breathtaking, with the percussion stealing a march on the likes of Panda Bear. ‘Mind’s Eye’, meanwhile, the video of which is further down, featuring footage from a VHS tape called Beyond The Mind’s Eye, is a hyperactive 143-seconds drawn from a recurrent piano-synth line. There is far too much on these five tracks to try and describe in mere words. This will take you to another world and show you just how original it is still possible to be in 2011.