Patrick Kelleher And His Cold Dead Hands have a new album out from today. You can stream all 39 minutes of his second album proper (his debut was remixed by lots of other folk) below. Golden Syrup is out on Osaka records and for just €14 you can buy the record and get it as a download. Recession music, eh? I thought the album was mostly really good, though there are a few yawnsome tracks. I reviewed it at The Point Of Album Reviews. A sample: “Golden Syrup is a mixed bag. You will return to it perhaps more out of intrigue than looking for a little singalong pick-me-up. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Given some more time, Patrick Kelleher is bound to find the new sound he is searching for.”

Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands – Golden Syrup by osakaRecords