Chairlift made an addictive song a few years ago in the shape of ‘Bruises’. Sadly, they followed that up with a pretty forgettable album, hence why most people either forgot about them or never knew they existed to begin with. But they’ve been given a second chance thanks to Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor and his record label, Terrible Records. It’s an ironic name. I think. The label already released Twin Shadow’s debut album which has crept into every indie fan’s listening collection this year. And now, Chairlift could well repeat the feat. Though they picked a bloody difficult-to-pronounce name for their comeback track. ‘Amanaemonesia’ does eventually offer some singalong sensibilities and sounds just as 80s as Twin Shadow. And as far as I can tell, Amanaemonesia is not a real thing. So don’t worry too much.

Chairlift – ‘Amanaemonesia’

(via Nialler9)