Hailing from Galway come The Debutantes. Thankfully, they have looked further west than the N17 and the Saw Doctors for their sound. Dreamy, sun-soaked fun flows throughout the three songs they have up on their minimal Breaking Tunes profile: “The Debutantes are an ever evolving recording and live project featuring friends. Featuring former disconnect 4 singer Leon Butler at its core they employing a range of Casio keyboards, omnichords combined with simple melodies to create a wall of sound bathed in reverb. EP coming September 2011.” And that’s all the information we get from The Debutantes. As with many new bands these days, there is more than a hint of MGMT in their sound and you can also hear hints of the sound which Best Coast have been dragging around the world of late. ‘Gentleman’s Wash’ is soaked in reverb and echo while ‘Lovers Of A Dead Son’ announces itself in a sea of noise which never leaves. But it’s ‘Kids’ – more MGMT-apeing – which leaves the biggest mark. It’s below and is full of joie de vivre. But aren’t all Debutantes?

The Debutantes – ‘Kids’

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