M83’s last album Saturdays = Youth was, eventually, one of my favourite albums of 2008. And now, Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez is coming back with its follow-up, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. It’s going to be released in October, features the likes of Zola Jesus and is going to be a double album, consisting of 22 songs. ‘Midnight City’ is our first taste of what is sure to be an eclectic, fascinating album. In the era of recreating the 80s in every way possible, ‘Midnight City’ manages a more-80s-than-80s outro. You can download the epic track here, for the price of an email, tweet or Facebook name. But if you want to listen to it first, it’s just down there, with some not very informative comments.

M83 – ‘Midnight City’