Tracksuit Warrior is a horrible name for a band. But it might just appeal to thousands of Irish youngsters who, well, really like wearing tracksuits. (I was told that a few years ago, a lad took his (pregnant) girlfriend to the debs and he was wearing a Celtic jersey and trackie pants.) Anyway, luckily for the Warrior, he knows his way around a tune. Mike Donnelly is Tracksuit Warrior and was also a member of Super Extra Bonus Party – one of the best Irish bands of the last decade. For almost 30 minutes on the Naff Naff Jack It EP, he takes us through the skills he has amassed along the way. ‘I Hope Your Happiness’ floats along on cloud 9. ‘Suit Up And Go’, however, is the standout track among five stellar songs. It sounds like a remix of a Passion Pit song that was itself remixed by Metronomy. And it gets better with every listen. There is very little with Naff Naff Jack It. And it’s free from Bandcamp too.

(Via BarryGruff)