There has been a lot of buzz around Yuck this year, mainly for reasons I can’t quite understand. They sound so much like early 90s bands that they offer nothing more than a nostalgia trip. At least with The Horrors, who were tarred with sounding like every band ever, there was some innovation. Male Bonding are another band who like early 90s rock. In that it’s dirty guitar playing with just a handful of chords throughout any single song, if even that. ‘Bones’ is from the Male Bonding’s second album, Endless Now, which is out on August 26. The song clocks in at six-and-a-half minutes and is never anything less than thrilling. There’s little flourishes of other aspects other than just a two-chord song spread throughout ‘Bones’ including some ooo-ooo-ooos that lead you to the end, a snippet of heavier guitar and even better, the singer doesn’t sound totally unlike Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, which is either amazing or horrendous depending on your standpoint on that other three-piece. Anyway, listen to ‘Bones’ below and download it for the price of an email after the jump.

Male Bonding – ‘Bones’