The Manhattan Syndrome are special. From the opening strains of the first song on their debut EP, you sense this is something that you can connect with, something you can feel. And We Left It Behind is said EP and pays considerable homage to The National. The Manhattan Syndrome are based in Dublin and despite having just four recorded songs to their name, they manage to entice. Opener ‘Cold Company’ builds to a rousing fists-in-the-air outro. There is a restraint that flows throughout the four songs, most noticeably on ‘Carnival’, which leaves its impact through some “oh oh ohs”. “To watch you grow old when the others have gone,” goes the self-titled track, encapsulating more emotion in a single line than 1,000 bands before them. Closer ‘Mellowheads’ does not mess with a winning formula, but it does add some synth, a prerequisite for any new band it seems. It doesn’t distract too much from the song, but it does seem unnecessary; you wouldn’t see The National using it. And We Left It will leave you stretching for the repeat button as well as a box of tissues.

The Manhattan Syndrome launch And We Left It behind tomorrow night, Friday, August 12, in The Workman’s Club, supported by Nanobot. It’s available as a free download on Bandcamp.

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