Morrissey’s favourite band Squarehead (doesn’t he look happy) are gearing up to release their debut album Yeah Nothing. It is physically released on September 14 via Richter Collective, and isn’t the artwork up above class!? On their Bandcamp page, you can pre-order the album from as little as €3.99; it’s out on Monday. ‘Mother Nurture’ is already streaming over at the Bandcamp page and is the first song we have heard from the band since ‘Midnight Enchilada’, which is one of the songs of the year. The other song you can stream is a rerecorded ‘Fake Blood’, Nialler9 readers’ favourite song of 2010, and Yeah Nothing’s closer. Both songs are pretty similarly paced. ‘Mother Nurture’ is a doo-wop song for the indie kids of 2011, like a wonky version of a lost Beach Boys song. The guitars sound great, the nasally vocals sound as snotty as ever (not a complaint) and the three-piece just know their way around a chorus. Like Dave over at Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed, I was a bit hesitant at Squarehead when I first heard them last year. But they know their way around a song and worm their way into your (square) head, and don’t leave for months. I’ll be first in the queue for Yeah Nothing on Monday, or whatever the digital equivalent of this is. Listen to ‘Mother Nurture’ and ‘Fake Blood’ below.