The Hard Working Class Heroes launch took place a few weeks ago, with a call to bands to submit their songs for consideration. The line-up was announced earlier this week and it’s got such a wonderful and diverse grouping of bands (not from up North though – four bands) that even On The Record commenters couldn’t be snarky about it. Oh, scratch that. Anyway, Toby Kaar played said launch and above is a nicely put-together package of one of his songs. Toby has 18 tracks available for free download on his Soundcloud page, so I can’t figure out the name of the above track. Yet. If you like seeing how unbothered industry people are by watching a band, you’ll love the video. Below is Toby’s drizzle remix of a Funeral Suits track, ‘Health’, in which the guitars are turned down to zero and the ambiance of the song comes out to play. Not that the original song is bad though. It’s produced by Stephen Street who, yes, has worked with the Smiths and Morrissey, as we are told every time any British band has anything out. But he has also worked with quite a lot of dirge, most recently, Brother Viva Brother.

Funeral Suits – Health (Toby Kaar’s Drizzle Mix)

Funeral Suits – Health