The Middle East may have split up, but they have just released two videos for the beautiful ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’. The videos are the winners of a competition the band was running in conjunction with Genero TV. The above one is my personal favourite while the one down below, after the jump, features a naked woman, just a tad NSFW in case you are wondering. The track is from their first and last album, I Want That You Are Always Happy. On the top video, made by Andy P, the band said: “A well thought out piece executed very well. Really enjoyed the use of age as a symbol. Extremely smart how the connection was made between the two characters in the video… definitely keeps the viewer intrigued. Especially like the sun flare feel of the hazy memo.”

On the below video, made by Rob and Rob: “We loved the cinematography and use of fire. It’s a fantastic visual piece that adds a completely different feel to the song. It really grew on us and in the end we had to also choose it as a winner.”

Check out all the finalists’ videos here.