Back at the start of the summer, when Ireland still believed the sun could shine and our troubles would all fade away for three months, I wrote about a band whose name hardly strikes of hope and positivity. Ghost Estates did, however, offer a free download of a great song, ‘Paris’, that I said “grows and evolves over five-and-a-half minutes and takes in the bleak and depressing… before adding some Bruce Springsteen sax and morphing into a euphoric sound that is bound to win fans over on the live stage.” Well Ghost Estates are back with a song and video that doesn’t sound or look completely removed from the sound of early Strokes, the likes of ‘Someday’. It’s available as a free download as well. So as we bid goodbye to a sunless summer at least we know that Ghost Estates bookended it. Download it via Soundcloud below. The video is by Brian Giles.

Ghost Estates – ‘Forever Or Never’