I absolutely adore this song. We Are Losers have slowly but surely been wooing me. The Newbridge band have been releasing a steady stream of songs of such high quality in recent weeks, including their debut EP, which I also rather liked. ‘We Vampires’ is taken from an album entitled Stranded In Paradise, which is attempting to establish a creative and social centre for the young people of Newbridge. Let Barrygruff tell you more. The album features songs by the likes of Christy Moore and Band on an Island among others. The launch takes place at 8pm this Saturday, August 20, in Sarsfields, Newbridge. Tickets are €10 (€15 w/CD), with full info here. But for now, kick back with We Are Losers’ ‘We Vampires’, which is inspired by Paul Simon. I just love it.

We Are Losers – ‘We Vampires’