Alarmist have been around since 2008, on the Dublin scene anyway, and now, three years down the road, the four-piece are gearing up to the release of their self-titled debut EP. I have always wondered about where the names for instrumental songs come from and the five track titles here are quite curious. ‘Vitamin Saturday’? ‘Giraffe Centre’? ‘Bathtime For Squid’? I tend to think of instrumental songs in terms of how much I am nodding my head in time with the music. Which is quite difficult to do with the stop-start ‘Carpark Showdown’. Nialler 9 debuted the EP last week and a mini-row broke out in the comments section over whether Alarmist are sub-Redneck Manifesto. With this track you can see where that idea originates from. But there’s plenty to distract you from drawing comparisons to Foals, Battles, etc. The aforementioned ‘Giraffe Centre’ has a lovely atmospheric stroll while ‘Clapper’ sounds like four songs mashed into a healthy three-and-a-half minutes. Still don’t know where they pulled ‘Bathtime For Squid’ out of though. I’ll give the EP four head-nods out of five. Stream it above via Bandcamp on the ElevenEleven label and pre-order it here for €5. They launch the EP tomorrow, Friday, August 19, at Block T in Dublin.