This is one of the most mindbending songs I have heard in recent weeks/months/years. Canyons are a duo from Australia who have released music over the past 18 months on the DFA label and have a debut album in the works for Modular. Ryan Sea-mist and Leo Holiday gave the first taste of the forthcoming Keep Your Dreams last September when they released ‘My Rescue’, brimming at the seams with pop nous and knowability. But ‘Circadia/Under A Blue Sky’ is a different beast altogether. After building for 90 seconds we are still left with no idea where it is going. Then the funky bass kicks in and it’s safe to assume this is a disco-reviving song. But then the singing kicks in and it’s in French. Then jazz sax envelops the song at the same time that synths do. It’s too much; just too many genres crammed into seven-and-a-half minutes. But it’s at about the halfway mark, when everything is seemingly doing its own thing that you realise this would sound perfect at 3am on a Saturday night rather than 11am on a Thursday morning. It’s the type of song that would sound perfect on Donal Dineen’s show, which is departing in December. In spite of the madness of ‘Circadia/Under A Blue Sky’, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I can only imagine how good it will sound on Saturday night. It’s taken from the album Keep Your Dreams, due out on Modular in November. More on Canyons here. They also remixed a Tame Impala song.