It takes a few listens to ‘get’ Patrick Kelleher And His Cold Dead Hands album Golden Syrup. I did thoroughly enjoy it though. And then, once you get it, thoughts turn to what other people will make of it and what the live show is like. With the video for ‘Miracle Candle’, at least we get an idea of the preferred shapes the crowd should be throwing when Patrick and his hands are on stage. Basically, wig out like nobody is watching. It’s also acceptable to do absolutely ridiculous guitar solos – that’s Cian Nugent partaking in some guitar wankery in the video. When the song premiered on NME Video on Friday – didn’t see NME support coming for Patrick – someone commented that he was Ireland’s answer to David Byrne. Obviously, that’s a little bit overstating things: Patrick is only two albums in (plus a remix album). But the moves are certainly there. The video for ‘Miracle Candle’ is directed by Sophie Gateau.

(via Harmless Noise)