I have featured Male Bonding on my site a few times in the past and now they are featured because you can listen to the entirety of their second album, Endless Now. It’s very much early Blink 182, think Cheshire Cat but without Tom’s screecy voice. It’s such a great album from the London band, clocking in at just over the 36-minute mark. “We wanted to push ourselves as much as possible, which is something we’ve always done, but we did it even more this time,” drummer Robin Silas Christian says. “We used the studio as a tool much more, whereas I don’t feel that we did that last time.” The tracklisting for Endless Now is after the jump.

1 ‘Tame the Sun’
2 ‘Carrying’
3 ‘Seems to Notice’
4 ‘Bones’
5 ‘Before It’s Gone’
6 ‘What’s That Scene’
7 ‘Mysteries’
8 ‘Can’t Dream’
9 ‘The Saddle’
10 ‘Channeling Your Fears’
11 ‘Dig You’
12 ‘Reprise’

Buy Endless Now on iTunes for €8.99.