Archive: September 2011

Here is part two of an interview with Conor, from two-piece Irish electronica act Nouveaunoise. The first part is here. Nouveaunoise is about six years old. We think. Even half of the band doesn’t know exactly when they began. Conor initially says four years, his girlfriend in the bankground corrects him and eventually he thinks […]

Two-piece Irish electronica act Nouveaunoise have been inspired. But it’s not by anything in Ireland. Despite hailing from the west of the country – “You can never get rid of that, it’s with you ‘til the day you die” – it’s the UK scene that is really opening their eyes at the moment. Indeed, they […]

Moths is 18-year-old Jack Colleran. He’s won plenty of fans in the past few months for his dreamy electronica creations. Here he’s had a go at remixing Bon Iver’s Blood Bank song ‘Babys’. The original is already pretty great so it would be difficult to make it sound poor. There’s very little tickering done by […]

If you are an avid reader of Nialler9 you will have seen him feature Tara Masterson Hally, “yet another 18 year old musical talent from Ireland”. Tara has four songs up on Soundcloud, all for free downloads, including ‘Lingering’. It’s so simple but so lovely. The video above, recorded by Havagawk, showcases just how simple […]

“I was just standing there still sweating, going ‘thank you thank you’, so I totally botched being cool.” It was February 24, 2011, and Squarehead were playing the Workman’s Club in Dublin with Spies. It was that night when Roy, the lead singer and mastermind behind Squarehead got the indie seal of approval most bands […]

Toby Kaar played the Pavilion in Cork on Sunday evening. He’s heading back to England soon for college so this is kind of like his farewell. After playing pretty much every festival in Ireland this summer, it’s safe to say he has won many fans. While I didn’t get to see the show myself, Brid […]

The second full length to be released on Terrible Records is CANT’s Dreams Come True. Terrible Records is the brainchild of Grizzy Bear bassist Chris Taylor. CANT is Chris Taylor’s side-project. Do you see the connection? You may have already heard ‘Believe’ and ‘Answer’ from the album, but there’s another eight tracks to wrap your […]

Apparat’s new album, The Devil’s Walk, is out on Friday week in Ireland, September 23, and to get you in the mood, here is Scottish noiseniks (they are actually much noisier than noiseniks) Mogwai remixing the forthcoming single ‘Song Of Los’. It’s really droney, slow and atmospheric. And the vocals sound amazing. The original track […]

I have no words for this video. ‘Amanaemonesia’ is taken from Chairlift’s forthcoming third album, which is coming out on Grizzy Bear bassist Chris Taylor’s label Terrible Records next year. The song featured on The Point Of Everything in July.

From their latest album Burst Apart, which I reviewed here. Spoiler: it’s wonderful. The video cuts out near the end, just so you know and won’t be as disappointed as I was. Hopefully the full performance will be on YouTube shortly. The Antlers play three dates in Ireland in November. Tickets available here. (via the […]